As the mercury starts to dip, getting out of bed is a tough gig. It’s tempting to hit the snooze button, or even pull a sickie and watch Netflix all day. But at the end of the day, the work doesn’t go away – and if you don’t work, you won’t get paid.

So what’s the best way to get through these chilly days?

Get your winter woollies on
Ditch the stubbies and singlet and get kitted-out with some good waterproof and wind resistant winter clothing, especially if most of your work is outdoors. Layer up so that if you do get a bit warm it’s easy enough to strip back a layer at a time without getting too cold again. Also, make sure you have good comfortable boots with a decent grip for wet or icy surfaces. And don’t forget your high vis vest!

Factor in shorter days
Start a bit earlier so you make the most out of daylight hours and consider how long it will take to get jobs completed with shorter days and times that you could be rained out when you’re estimating timelines. A job that would usually take a week might take a few extra days.

Look after yourself
Avoid getting winter colds and flus by staying fit and healthy – that means eating the right foods, exercising and getting enough sleep. Consider getting get a flu vaccine and don’t forget to maintain good hygiene so that if you do get sick you don’t spread your germs.

Work Safely
If you’re working hard to get the job done before dark, don’t get lax with workplace safety. Be careful when working on wet surfaces to prevent injuries and accidents, especially if you’re working on roofs or scaffolding. Always cease working in unsafe weather conditions, such as storms, and be vigilant when using electrical tools.

Check your insurance cover
Always make sure your insurance is up to date. Regardless of how careful you are, accidents do happen. Public Liability insurance is vital to protect against injury and property damage caused to your clients or members of the public. Protect yourself against the financial consequences if you were to suffer an accident and injury with Personal Accident cover.

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