As the female player pathway develops in AFL in each state and territory there are some like Megan Hunt who can’t wait for city growth to catch on in the country. Megan also has a unique apprenticeship underway that is a match made in heaven with her football passion…

Tell us about your trade?
I’m an apprentice greenskeeper. It’s a three-year apprenticeship and I’m qualified in five months, which I’m stoked about! I started my apprenticeship at Brisbane Girls Grammar ovals then moved too Brisbane boys college, I absolutely love working at the Boys school. The school I’m currently working at (Brisbane Boys College) won a landscaping award for the best looking school in Queensland, so it’s good to see all our hard work at the school pay off! My job includes a lot of different things, like line marking, wickets, mowing, whipping, general maintenance around the school, watering, renovations on ovals and lots more. I’ve line marked broncos and titans training grounds.

Are there any interesting facts, or funny stories you have involving your trade?
Interesting Fact: A lot of people ask how I stripe up a field light and dark stripes. So I ask them to tell me what they think it is and every response I get is, “don’t you just change the height of the blades every strip you do?” It cracks me up every time because it’s just the different colour of the leaf. A leaf has a light and dark side, so when the mower goes a different direction, it just flips the leaf over to dark or light.












Tell us about your journey in AFL…
I played with the boys for years back in Gladstone and when I had to stop I was absolutely devastated because I didn’t want to. I fought to keep playing and they kept knocking me back until they suggested I organise a women’s team. I was on a mission, making all my friends play even though they didn’t want too. But in the end, we won the first ever premiership with six teams in the league. Then I decided to move to Brisbane which was the best decision of my life and I’m loving every minute of it.

Have you ever found yourself being handy around the house, doing DIY or fix-it jobs?
I remember when I was younger I loved getting out and mowing the lawns for dad.

I like helping where I can, I mean, I like putting things together from Ikea!

Tell me what it’s like playing pro AFL – what’s your training regime like?
We have three on field sessions and two gym sessions. I’m loving every minute of it and I still can’t believe it’s even happening. I love footy, so I would train every single night if I could. I love our team, coaches and everyone that is involved with our team, so training in the afternoon is something I look forward to everyday.

Do you or any of the girls in the team have any impressive PB’s or anything like that?
A lot of the girls are very strong in the gym. We have a bell, so whenever someone smashes a PB we ring it. When I started doing gym, I was bench pressing 8kgs dumb bells and just the other night me and one of my closest mates, Emma Zielke, smashed out 20kg dumbbells. There’s no better feeling than seeing your hard work pay off!


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