Wagner Flexio… Sprays any paint, anywhere. Indoors & out.

Get your weekends back!

Powerful, efficient and versatile –  the Flexio range of DIY indoor/outdoor sprayers from Wagner can spray any decorative paint undiluted, and will deliver a high quality finish to almost every surface.

The popular Flexio 585 handheld was the first in the range and has become the go-to sprayer for any small project, from a feature wall to upcycling an old piece of furniture. The latest addition to the range is the Flexio 990, for all those larger projects. It‘s perfect when you want to repaint all your interior walls or to finally paint that old fence. The Flexio 990 has a direct feed system for non-stop painting by drawing paint directly from the paint can, making it possible to finish larger painting projects much faster. Quick and easy set up and clean up make the Flexio 990 a dream tool for any DIY enthusiast. In addition it has a flexible 7m long hose for two-storey reach, and delivers a professional quality finish. No more bending down to a roller!

With the revolutionary i-Spray nozzle technology and powerful X-Boost® turbine found in all Flexio sprayers, everything from interior wall paints to varnishes and lacquers can be sprayed with ease, including thicker exterior acrylics. The nozzle can be adjusted to spray horizontal, vertical, narrow and wide patterns, and provides fast, even coverage. Instead of applying two coats of paint with a brush or roller, paint fast with a Flexio and spray the same amount of paint in much less than half the time.

The volume of paint can also be adjusted to suit the material being sprayed and the project type. With an average working speed of 3m²/min you will be able to spray a standard room in around 12 minutes, or your favourite outdoor chair in just a few minutes!

The Flexio sprayers also come with a second Standard spray attachment for spraying lacquer, varnish, stain and other thinner materials, or for smaller projects. There are so many different uses for a Flexio around the home and garden, you’ll have your project list completed in no time!

For more information about the Flexio range visit www.wagneraustralia.com.au. Or go to the Wagner Australia YouTube channel for project and how-to videos.


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