Matt Watson: Tradie + fishing freak!

Matt Watson is the crazy kiwi fisherman who famously leaped out of a helicopter to catch a marlin, landing himself on The Late Show with David Letterman. Matt is now fronting an all-new adventure fishing series that will send fishing die-hards into a spin!

ULTIMATE FISHING showcases the ultimate fishing action from all over the world. Blue Marlin in West Africa, Giant Trevally in the outer reaches of the Cook Islands, Giant Bluefin Tuna in Nova Scotia and huge Swordfish and Sharks in New Zealand. He’s world’s most extreme fisherman and he leads us on expeditions around the world to tangle with the oceans greatest fish. The locations are remote and wild, the characters are salty and crazy, and Matt and his team deliver big fish and unequalled action in every episode!

And if that wasn’t enough, Matt is also a tradie, himself! Matt got together with The Tradie to talk about all things fishing…

You’ve got a pretty extreme background in fishing, what’s the most insane fishing experience you’ve had?
(Laughs) Yeah, I’ve had a few! I’d have to say the marlin off the surfboard was the most wild.

Matt in Mexico with Dorado
Matt in Mexico with Dorado

How do your mates react when you’re telling your fishing stories?
Fishing stories get better each time you tell them! A fish is the only creature that keeps getting bigger after it’s dead, but the great thing about my job is that most of the epic fish I’ve caught have been on film, so the footage tells the story…

Jos Marlin Jumps - Getting the Girls Out
Jos Marlin Jumps – Getting the Girls Out

We hear you’re a fully qualified concreter and roof tiler by trade! Do you still work on the tools, or will you return to it at any point?
Yep, I love getting on the tools! I prefer building something new rather than repairing stuff, so I’ve got a new boat shed and a new fence. At the moment my outdoor furniture needs a few screws to be fixed. That’s on my to-do list!

Matt on the tools
Matt on the tools

We’ve got a lot of fishing enthusiasts among our readers, what are your best tips for having a successful day on the water?
A successful day on the water for me is one where I’ve had a few laughs and haven’t given a thought to the stressors in life. So, make sure the boat is working well, that your gear is good to go and you’ve got good company, that way you’ll have no drama! Sure, if you catch some fish it’ll be even better, but there’s not enough time for me to get into that!

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