TradeSearch makes finding a tradie easy

A new app is taking the hassle and frustration out of finding the right contractor by giving customers access to a wide network of qualified tradies who come recommended by their fellow customers.

Gone are the days when a burst pipe or wiring issue would require a multitude of phone calls to suppliers plucked out of directories – with no guarantee of availability, quality of work, or cost estimate.

TradeSearch allows customers to simply input their job requirements and when they want the job done, and the app presents them with a list of qualified contractors who are available, nearby and rated according to previous customer satisfaction.

TradeSearch has a two-pronged benefit to both registered suppliers and their customers. Unlike regular trade directories, where contractors who have spent the most on advertising and marketing are given prominence, TradeSearch presents all registered contractors to the customer based on location and availability. The customers meanwhile, benefit from the app doing all the hard work: they simply scan a shorter list of tradies who fit the criteria and all the information they need, including qualifications, insurance details and cost, is in their hands.

The app was developed by Joseph Mancuso, who worked in the property industry for decades, and who believes that his experience in heavy engineering and facilities management for big names like Spotless, UGL/ Westpac and JLL/ Qantas has allowed him to identify gaps for this kind of service in both the residential and commercial market.

He says that the changing economy has made it harder for tradespeople to build sustainable businesses, which motivated him to build a platform that gave them an even footing in the industry, whilst also offering customers a risk-free service that ensured they would be able to engage the right person at the right price.

“I wanted to develop something that was going to change the way we do things in Australia,” he says. “Existing models presented a significant number of suppliers, which overwhelmed the user. Instead of giving customers an influx of options, we give them a limited number, but only of the best quality.”

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