Top 10 reasons why every Tradie should use a job management system

In today’s competitive environment with all-time high regulations, it’s crucial to have a job management system you can rely on that can handle all your paperwork. One such system is Ascora – but why do you need a job management system?

1) Capturing quotes
From the moment a customer calls, all information is captured and stored in Ascora.  With a pre-uploaded supplies list, kits/pre-builds, the quote can be completed accurately on site.

2) Scheduling jobs
Once a quote is approved, lock it in by scheduling the job right away. Collect your customer’s signature on site using your mobile device to lock in all the details and avoid misunderstanding.

3) Take before and after photos
Attach photos to the job or quote as a permanent record in the system. Photos can be emailed out to your customers or visible through the customer portal.

4) Accurately record your timesheet
Record travel time and time on job accurately with just a single tap.

5) Get paid
Generate invoices on site and get paid on your iPad or smart phone with Ascora’s build-in-payment system for processing credit card! No EFTPOS terminal needed!

6) Accounting
Ascora integrates seamlessly to XERO, MYOB and QUICKBOOKS. Swap the booking time for family time!

7) Automated SMS/email
Ascora can be setup to automatically chase overdue invoices or open quotes.  Send SMS reminders to your customers before any appointments and replies will go straight to your phone!

8) Compliance
Keep track of your license renewal and health and safety compliance with auto-reminder on upcoming renewals.

9) Reports
Ascora generates reports such as lead source analysis, time utilization and job profitability for business clarity.

10) Offline mode
Ascora works completely offline meaning you can work with the system no matter where you are.

Ascora is packed with many more features that will help you grow your business.  Please feel free to give our friendly Ascora Team a call on (08) 6311 5555 or email us on  Get started with a free trial at! You’ll never look back!


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