Tool Test: The Miracle Sandbag


Traditional sandbags can be a pretty versatile tool, whether you’re trying to change the direction of water flow, contain a spill or counterweight an item on site. So, when the team from Miracle Sandbags sent us these newly-released, self-inflating bags we thought, “…righto, we’ll give them a go!”

Being able to absorb 18kg’s of water as a filler and without the typical, constant heavy-lifting associated with sandbags, do you think they’ll stack up to the traditional hessian bag?

We called in a Tradie to give these bags a run for their money. Check out his final verdict to determine whether these really are miracle bag…




Four-to-six-minute inflation while under the flow of a hose didn’t quite work for our Tradie, instead, it took 11 minutes to achieve an inflation suitable to block a flow. It is worth noting, our Tradie’s testing site was on a slight angle, so perhaps a flatter surface would result in faster results.

Inflation by submerging a tub of water was extremely effective, on the other hand, with the bag becoming impressively swollen in about five minutes.



With our 96kg Tradie perched on top of the bags, there was no leakage. The external polypropylene material is tremendously durable and our Tradie didn’t see any moisture break from the surface while under pressure.

Diverting water flow

These bags stack like ordinary bags and work as a barrier if diverting water flow is the goal. Our Tradie didn’t see a total blockage, though, which is similar to traditional bags. Our Tradie suggested an improved result would be achievable by using more bags.

Containing a spill

Isolation of a spill or liquid on site would work with these bags, especially if you’ve got a leak coming from a roof where you can lay the dry bags flat, ready to absorb the spill as it flows. Again, our Tradie didn’t see a total blockage, but it was enough to get the job done.





If you don’t need bone dry conditions, these will work. Our Tradie left a bag out for 24 hours and could notice a water residue on the surface the bag was resting on, which may not be ideal in some conditions.




The verdict

Depending on the resources available and problem at hand, watering a Miracle Sandbag on site might not be an ideal situation. Additionally, while they last for several weeks once inflated, they can only withstand this duration if they have periodic contact with water, meaning dampness and residue will remain in the location where you might be trying to avoid it. The bags aren’t recommended to have contact with constant sunshine without occasional watering, otherwise they will shrink as they dry up, only becoming reusable when watered again. Contact with saltwater, calcium, lime or chlorine also needs to be avoided and careful disposal of the gelled water must be practiced, as the swollen polymer mass could be a slipping hazard on site.

Unless you have already-filled sandbags, the process to prepare Miracle Sandbags far outweighs the physical and time-demanding method of filling traditional bags in most instances. The key innovation here is these bags self-inflate to the same weight as a traditional hessian bag, at 18kg’s, and in many different scenarios, making the versatility to store a substantial amount of units impressive. Let’s face it, you can’t buy ready-filled sandbags spaded with fill and tied off at the end and if you could, what a pain it’d be the move them around. The internal polymer is impressively absorbent, we must admit, and it reacts at lightning speed once fully submerged in water. The external polypropylene material is heavy-duty, retaining the internal gelled water for a remarkable length of time. If you’re not working in bone dry conditions, these are products you will want to try!

Overall, our Tradie has approved the Miracle Sandbag as a handy tool to have and a cut above the traditional hessian sandbag for those emergency jobs on the go. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose liquid absorption tool, give this a go!


Miracle Sandbag Facts:

  • Each bag can absorb up to 18kg’s pf water in up to six minutes
  • Size deflated: 60cm x 40cm x 0.5cm x 0.25kg
  • Size inflated: 60cm x 40cm x 15cm x 18kg
  • Lightweight and self-inflating
  • Easy to store
  • Reusable
  • Absorbent
  • Ideal for containing spills and diverting and mitigating water flow

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