• Easy set-up and pack-down
  • Loaded with technology
  • Powers through the job faster and more effectively than traditional welders


Alright legends, this month I’ve been asked to test the new CIGWELD 165ST 3-in-1 (MIG, STICK, TIG) welder and I’m excited to rip into this one!

As I unpack the unit from the box and get ready to give this beauty a go I notice it’s very simple to setup. The wire for the MIG feeds in so simply and it’s really designed so you can’t mess it up – actually, I’m sure some could, but for the average tradie you will be able to handle it, trust me!

The welder itself is light enough for one bloke to handle but heavy enough to know you’ve got yourself a piece of machinery that can weld properly. As they used to say, the heavier the welder the better it is. It’s the same of this welder, but technology appears to be taking over and the proof is surely in the pudding!

I put the MIG through the test on some thin mild steel on the back of the spare motorbike trailer and it welded the thin stuff really easily and without blowing holes everywhere as it’s very adjustable – bonus! I also pulled out the big guns and tested thicker steel, which if wound up can really melt into the steel as you’d expect from a professional quality inverter welder these days.

The welding wire and electrodes (ESAB OK53.16 Twincoat SPEZIAL’s) from Cigweld are honestly the best I’ve used and I know I’ll be getting these next time because it makes the job so much easier and neater – a must for a perfectionist like myself!

I also tried out the CIGWELD ProLite Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet, which was fully adjustable to suit any sized head – fat, skinny, boxy or circular. It certainly made the job easy being able to see what I was doing without a delay when the weld begins, so I found it gave a really fast result and safe protection for my eyes from the welder flash.

It’s safe to say, I didn’t want to return this baby and it’s on my Christmas wish list – a must-have for my collection over the older, heavier faithfuls I’ve been making do with for too many years. It also comes with a 3 year warranty, making it even more desirable!

This is a beast of a welder, so do yourself a favour and get your hands on one too!





  • Integrated Wire Feed Unit Spools up to 5kg or 200mm
  • 3-in-1: MIG, STICK, TIG
  • 240 Volt, 50/60Hz, 15 Amp Supply Lead Fitted to Power Source
  • Fully compliant to AS 60974.1-2006. Enclosure rated to IP23S – Designed for indoor & outdoor use.
  • Euro MIG Torch Connection
  • Adjustable Burnback Control: The burnback control is used to adjust the amount of MIG wire that protrudes from the MIG torch after the completion of MIG welding. (commonly referred to as stick out)
  • Arc Control (Inductance): The arc control operates in GMAW/FCAW (MIG) mode only and is used to adjust the intensity of the welding arc.
  • Over Temperature Cut Out Protection has been fitted to Power Source
  • DC Lift TIG function. Provides smooth starting and running characteristics across a broad range of applications.
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty*: *Refer to operating manual for further details.
  • Standards Compliant Voltage Reduction Device
  • Current Range for this Power Source is 10A to 165A Provides DC Output
  • Suitable for Gas and Gasless Wires

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