Here’s the thing: nobody gives a crap about safety until somebody gets hurt and then everyone is like, “Oh, what a surprise!” Well don’t be one of those blokes with a dopey look on their face when you wake up in hospital. Get real – it’s not always all about you, princess! Here’s the deal – electrocution stops your heart and gives you nasty burns. You can’t see electricity so instead of being dead certain the power’s off, you might just be dead. And what’s the worst thing around electricity? Water.

And what is there loads of in building and construction? Water and electricity!

The good folk at Ampfibian are a bunch of people who really do give a sh*t: they’ve come up with a “Connector Protector” that quickly clips over extension lead connections, making them waterproof and impossible to pull apart. You can even lock it closed to stop your mates nicking your lead. Go Aussie, clever stuff! It’s called the X1 and is available from Bunnings, Total Tools and other pro shops, so there’s no excuse not to get one. It also has a fold-out hook, allowing it to be hung off the ground. It’s really one of those obvious products that once you’ve got it, you wonder how you did without it. Every toolbox should have at least two.

A bloke from America just bought a box of 15 for his contractors – the shipping cost more than the product. Why the X1? He’d scoured the internet for something that just did the job properly! Forget those crappy red or yellow things that don’t fit trade leads, leak and crack. Get the polycarbonate one made from riot shield material. Stomp it, smash it, drag it, drop it… it’ll come back for more. Fits all leads up to 1/2” and seals them to IP55 (direct jet from a garden hose), not that dodgy IP44 – “if you hold it this way up in the gentle rain for a few seconds it won’t leak – oh, it leaked.” And we’re talking Aussie IP55 approved, not money-under-the-counter “IP55” (might get sued for that comment). It’s clear so you can see socket power indicator lights. Did we mention its tough as nails?

It’s called the X1 because “X” sounds cool and “1” because it’s the first. Find out more at

And a final note: Yes, all circuits are meant to be protected by an RCD. They have saved a ton of lives but can still give you a very nasty shock. There’s a reason why AS/NZ4836 says anyone using a power tools should use a Personal RCD. Don’t leave your life in somebody else’s hands if you’ve got the choice: take charge of your own life with an Ampfibian MAX power and safety adaptor. H-Class, impact and weatherproof, lockable with RCD and the ability to use 15A tools from 10A circuits. Available from awesome tool shops.


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