‘Stormseal has changed my whole business model’

With Nick Hatch from Insurance Roofing Services Australia

Nick Hatch is the director of Insurance Roofing Services Australia and has been an accredited Stormseal installer for the last two years. We checked in with Nick recently to find out how Stormseal was working for him and what feedback he was getting from his customers.

How has Stormseal been working for you?

We never get called back to fix makesafes anymore – we haven’t had one call back. In the past if we put up a tarp, we would be called back after an event. It wouldn’t matter how good you put the tarp on, it would just come off. Since we’ve been installing Stormseal we haven’t been called back to a single job.

What kind of customer feedback have you had?

The customer feedback has been very positive. Once they see the end result they say, “This is unbelievable”. Not only is their home safe but it looks so much better. We don’t get a lot of feedback when we’re doing the initial install but when we return clients often tell us about their friends who had tarps put on in the aftermath of the same weather event and how much worse their experience was, with more water getting in during subsequent rainy weather and being kept awake at night with the sound of flapping tarps.

Why is Stormseal easier to install?

All tarps are square in shape and you can’t join them together properly. With Stormseal you can make whichever size you want. In the aftermath of the Kellyville storms we made custom sizes for each roof on the spot and they fitted each house perfectly. A tarp is one-size-fits-all, which just doesn’t work. The other thing is, you can only carry a certain amount of tarps with you in the ute or trailer, but with Stormseal you can carry three to four times more than that. At one stage we were carrying 2,000 square metres in the back of the ute. It would have been physically impossible to fit that much tarp in our vehicles.

How has becoming an accredited Stormseal Installer impacted on your business?

I’ve changed my whole business model for the better thanks to Stormseal. We used to focus mainly on inspections and repairs but now the whole focus is on Stormseal because it’s the only product on the market that won’t fail. We know that for a fact. My main business is now focussing purely on emergency makesafes and the feedback we’re getting from our Stormseal installs is so good that we’re able to market our business primarily on that feature – being able to provide a Stormseal solution. Stormseal is our niche.

Our guarantee is if you hire us for a makesafe we’ll only charge you once for it, whereas at the moment in Australia a lot of businesses charge you to go back out to attend to a makesafe. It won’t be long before everyone is using Stormseal. In fact, it’s only going to be a matter of time before it will be the only product that’s allowed.

Why do you say that?

Because it doesn’t fail. When you put it on you never need to be called back.


Head to the Stormseal website or phone 02 9599 3335 to find out more.


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