Rivers of Gold for Brisbane’s Tradies

It can be a hard slog finding work as a Tradie, and around this time of the year is when most tend to evaluate where time can be invested best. With more than 400,000 tradesmen in Australia competing for work, it’d be helpful to know the areas you should target for new work, true?

For Brisbane Tradies, the team at Service Seeking have done some research on the industries and areas around Brisbane with the lowest level of competition.

Below are where Brisvegas Tradies are in short supply, so when considering new jobs, these areas could increase the chances of winning work and opening up “rivers of gold”.

According to data submitted in FY17 Q3, competition levels for builders in Windsor and Spring Hill are 71 per cent and 10 per cent lower than the Brisbane average respectively, representing a real opportunity for builders in those suburbs to win more jobs.

Carpenters should look towards Fortitude Valley and Wavell Heights to make extra profit – as there is less competition in those areas compared to other areas in Brisbane.

Samford Valley and Brookside are areas of relative low competition for Electricians looking to increase their win rates and generate more cash flow.

“Sparkies should take advantage of areas of low competition around Brisbane. Targeting areas of low competition is a sure-fire way to increase your hire rate and generate more cash,” said Service Seeking CEO, Jeremy Levitt.

Painters, who generally experience intense competition, should branch out to Stafford Heights, as skilled Painting professionals are harder to find there.

Plasterers should focus on Carseldine whereas Tilers should look to Mcdowall to enjoy less competition on the jobs they quote and increase their win rates.

“Targeting areas where there’s less competition is a great way for Brisbane tradies to jump in and increase their cash flow. There are rivers of gold all over Brisbane, tradies just need to know the right places to look,” Mr Levitt said.




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