Otter’s Chemshield® Fasteners

This decking season, look no further than Otter’s Chemshield® fasteners!

One of the biggest drawbacks for builders using ACQ treated pine has been premature corrosion of traditional metal fasteners. This has led to unsightly rusting and less than satisfied customers.

Otter’s Chemshield® range of nails and screws was specifically designed to improve the durability and life span of fasteners in ACQ treated pine. They are specifically designed and engineered to protect against the corrosive properties of timber preservatives by treating the fasteners with a multi-stage process with an organic top coat. Otter’s Chemshield® range includes Decking Nails, Square Drive Treated Pine Screws, Landscape Screws, Hardwood Self Drilling Screws and Square Drive Metal Self Drilling Screws in its large range. Chemshield® fasteners are exceptionally well priced in comparison to stainless steels fasteners, and outlast galvanised fasteners by providing exceptional corrosion resistance and field life.

ACQ, or Alkaline Copper Quaternary treated pine is the most widely used alternative to CCA treated timber and is safer to store and use.  Chemshield®, with its high performance coating, has been found to provide superior corrosion protection in real life trials, exceeding traditional galvanised coatings.

As well as its unique durability, the Chemshield® range of fasteners are some of the easiest to use fasteners on the market and offer an excellent finish.

The Chemshield® range of screws are all self-drilling and countersinking in their applied functions. No pre-drilling, no countersinking! Save time, save money! The screw heads have been specially designed for minimal visual impact while having maximum holding power. This keeps your job looking great for longer.

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