New Ninja Hydrorepellant Gloves Offering Unmatched Comfort & Grip

When commonplace traditional gloves simply won’t do, Ninja’s® new range of premium gloves provide an aggressive approach to your hand protection, whilst providing unmatched comfort.

One of Ninja’s® latest styles includes the Hydrorepellant Technology (HPTTM) range, which have a unique, flexible coating that repels liquids to provide the highest level of grip in wet, dry and oily conditions.  Ninja® HPTTM gloves are also renowned for not only being lightweight and extremely comfortable, but provide superior dexterity (great for when handling smaller objects).  Wearers often remark that they feel as though they are wearing a second skin!

Ninja® HPTTM Gloves are a general purpose glove ideal for a range of applications including, plumbing, mechanical work, handling materials & warehousing.


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