In recent years the asset-owning members of Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) have voiced their concerns surrounding the inconsistency of skill sets associated with locating, which can lead to damages to their respective assets or more concerning serious injuries to workers or the general public.

DBYD has addressed this concern by developing a rigorous assessment for locating that contains both theory and practical elements.

It is the intention of DBYD and supported by our members that locators will aspire to be a DBYD Certified Locator. Having successfully passed the DBYD Assessment the locator will have recognition that he/she has met a standard that is endorsed by our asset owning members and will be listed on the DBYD website as a DBYD Certified Locator.

Over time, DBYD will be recognised as the go to place to engage with a locator who has met a standard in locating that is recognised nationally. DBYD is “The Essential First Step.” We now see engaging a DBYD Certified Locator as “The Essential Second Step.”

To engage a certified locator, a person should initially lodge an enquiry into DBYD for any works which involve ground breaking activities. When the plan information is received from the potentially effected asset owners (including Telstra) there will be a detailed list of DBYD Certified Locators included with the Telstra plan information. All Tradies are encouraged to always lodge an enquiry into DBYD before any excavations are undertaken and if the works are deemed to be in the proximity of utilities buried assets then engage the services of a DBYD Certified Locator from the provided information supplied by Telstra. For further information go to www.dbydlocator.com


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