Look After Your Most Important Tool This Summer

One of the best things about being a tradie is being able to enjoy the great outdoors. But when conditions become extreme over the summer months, the risk of dehydration, sun stroke and other heat related illnesses need to be considered.

Here are four tips to help you survive the hottest part of the year…

1. Get on the H2O
Although it’s a no brainer, it’s easy to forget to drink plenty of water when you’re busy working, but staying hydrated really does make a huge difference when you’re losing lots of bodily fluids through sweating. Get yourself a couple of big bottles and refill them as you need them. You can even put them in the freezer overnight so they stay cold for longer during the day.

2. Slip, Slop, Slap
Yes, you’ve heard it many times before! It’s a fact that those who work outdoors have a much greater risk of skin cancer. So much so, that the Cancer Council has developed a website (www.uvdaily.com.au) dedicated entirely to getting tradies up to speed on sun protection.

3. Down the tools
It’s tempting to keep working through so you can finish on time and get down to the beach or the pub, but it’s more important to take regular breaks to get out of the sun. If it really is a scorcher, Safe at Work recommends ceasing work all together once the mercury hits between 36 to 38 degrees.

4. Have a back-up plan
Whether its heat related or not, you can’t always prevent injuries and illnesses from occurring, so it’s smart to have a back-up plan in place. Personal Accident and Illness insurance is something every Tradie can benefit from, particularly if you’re self-employed. It can replace a large portion of your income (up to 85 per cent) for a nominated period of time while you’re unable to work if you’re sick or injured.

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