Recently launched at Farbe Fair in Germany, Wagner’s new range of Vector airless guns are packed full of features for the professional painter.
Ergonomically designed for comfort when spraying, with an extra light trigger pull, the Vector guns are a revolution in comfort and control and have been designed for peak performance.

There are two guns in the range, the Vector Pro and Vector Grip. Both are suitable for use with water and oil based paint products.
The Vector Pro is ideal for use with a wide range of paints, stains and lacquers. The new lighter trigger and one-touch trigger lock are two advantages of the new gun design. The ergonomic handle has been redesigned for easy cleaning, with extra-large grooves, and sits comfortably in the hand with the addition of a hand rest. The new swivel design rotates easily for better manoeuvrability. A built-in filter wrench makes gun filter changes quick and easy without the need for additional tools.

Wagner Vector Grip


In addition to the advantages of the Vector Pro, the Vector Grip includes numerous other improvements for the user. An industry first for airless spray guns, the Vector Grip has ergonomically designed interchangeable handle grips. This allows the user to customise the grip and contoured palm support to suit the size and shape of their hand. This enhances comfort and decreases fatigue when spraying. The grips are available in three different sizes with the medium size coming as standard with the gun. Another added bonus with the Vector Grip is the addition of a second trigger. The Grip comes complete with a 4-finger trigger and 2-finger trigger. For painters accustomed to spraying with a 4-finger trigger, they may find that the new ultra-light trigger pull on the Vector Grip (30% lighter) means that spraying with a 2-finger trigger is a more natural fit to the hand. Spraying has never been easier.

The Vector Grip has a much longer service life than comparable guns. The robust packings, a rotatable ball seat, removable ball and spring assembly that is isolated from the material flow, all guarantee extra longevity and exceptionally low costs on wearing parts. Now users can get twice the life out of the gun by simply reversing the seat and changing the ball. A further practical feature are the added built-in hooks that allow the gun to be easily hung almost anywhere during work breaks, like on a chair, ladder or scaffolding.

Wagner’s engineering and design teams were rewarded with the Vector guns recently being nominated for a prestigious German Design Award for 2017. The German Design Award recognises innovative products and their designers who are leading the way in the German and International design scene.

“The Vector product line is taking airless spray technology to the next level. The ergonomics and extra-light trigger offer ground-breaking improvements for the user, whose needs were the main focus during development,” says Owen Baker, Product Manager at J. Wagner GmbH.

More information on the Vector guns can be found on the Wagner Australia website, or search for Vector Gun on YouTube for a detailed video.


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