How did you get started with motorbikes and Supercross?
My dad was a huge fan of Motocross. He never raced himself but I think he lived that through me! My first race was at 7 years old and Supercross is something that just developed over time. We always had a track in our back yard and with our not-so-good machining skills (laughs), we developed technical tracks that I just had to master!

Dan Reardon, photo courtesy of Deluxe Media

Who are you training with and what are you working on technically?
I actually train by myself, I like training by myself.  Supercross is a very high-demand sport, so cardiovascular strength is important!

Any gnarly injuries that are the most memorable?
Umm… each year we tend to add another to the list! One of my longest to get over was a tear in my Diaphragm. That one took about 6 months before I could ride again.

What’s your favourite boy’s toy that you’ve got at home?
It would be either my guns or my car. I have rifles and hand guns that I shoot in competitions, and I do a bunch of drifting in my car, so my favourite is really dependent on my mood.

What can fans expect from AUS-X?
It’s the biggest show in Australia. Some of best racers in the world compete with us over the two days. If I wasn’t racing I would be there watching, for sure!

Photo courtesy AUS-X Open


The 2017 Monster Energy AUS-X Open Sydney incorporates rounds four and five of the Australian Supercross Championship and is one of the largest Supercross, FMX and action sports events in the world.

This year one million dollars is up for grabs to any fan who purchases tickets to both days of the event on 11 and 12 November! The revolutionary prize allows fans to watch Saturday’s event results before making their top twelve picks for Sunday, giving you a strong second chance at $500,000. For further details head to

Tickets are on sale now to the public and start from $40. Head to or to grab yours!


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