We’ve missed you, mate! Why the seven-year gap between albums?

I didn’t mean for it to take so long but with a record label change and a couple of management changes it just kept getting put back. I’m stoked we’ve finally got it done and I couldn’t be happier!


Tell us about life at Condobolin…

Growing up on the farm was great. There was plenty of motorbike riding and bush bashing in utes and stuff. I started playing music with my brothers who had a cover band touring all over New South Wales. Then I started my own band and we’d play gigs all over the country side and up around Newcastle until I went on Australian Idol.


Tell us about how Unbroken compares to your previous albums?

Unbroken stands up really well with my previous albums because there is a nice mix of ballads and some up temp rock as well. I had a lot more input on this album, so it’s probably more personal than anything I’ve done before.


It goes without saying ‘What About Me’ is a national favourite, so what is your favourite track on Unbroken and why?

‘What About Me’ still brings the house down – to this day it really resonates with the fans.

On the new album, though, ‘Invincible’ is my favourite track. I love the vocals and the storyline is about getting older and what differences that brings in life.


Favourite place to play at in Australia and why?

It’d have to be Kiama because I played there last year and it was on an oval right next to the beach. The crowd was amazing as well!


Who are your biggest musical influencers?

John Farnham and lots of Aussie bands from the 80’s.


Name an artist you’d like to collaborate with…

I’d like to do something with Pink –  I think our voices would go really well together.


You’re definitely well-loved here in Australia. Can you tell us about your funniest fan moment?

We did a gig in Penrith and were loading the car to leave and we looked away for second and two girls jumped in the back of the van and we nearly took off with them still in the back!




FRI 4 MAY                   OXFORD ART FACTORY                                 SYDNEY, NSW


SAT 5 MAY                  DAPTO LEAGUES                                            DAPTO, NSW

FRI 11 MAY                 THE GOV                                                         ADELAIDE, SA

SAT 12 MAY                MAX WATTS                                                   MELBOURNE, VIC

SAT 19 MAY                THE TRIFFID                                                    BRISBANE, QLD


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