David Strassman

He’s known for his stagecraft in ventriloquism and this May, funny-man David Strassman returns to our shores to show us what his sassy puppets have to say.

We took some time out with the legend himself…

David Strassman and the Gang. Photo courtesy of Adam Shane Photography.

So, you’re coming back to Australia! Tell us your favourite thing about being down here…
Australia is my second home! I’ve been performing here since 1991 and I just love the quality of life here in “straya!” I mean, where else in the world, every Saturday arvo, can you count on a sausage sizzle at Bunnings?

Tell us a bit about your new show – we hear you do up to six voices at once?!
Yes, I break all laws of puppet physics! Using a wireless handheld controller, I operate and throw my voice into five puppets’ mouths for a 20-minute, hilarious conversation/argument on what is real and what isn’t. It’s mind-blowing – and the work and technology that goes into this feat of raw performance is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my career!

Without giving away your secrets, how on earth do you juggle so many characters simultaneously?
That’s simple – practice and hard work! It took a year to prepare and rehearse for this show.

How did you discover you had this talent?
I don’t think I discovered this talent. I think after years of consistently making people laugh, and getting paid for doing good work, I naturally fell into it. Ventriloquism is a pretty daggy profession. It’s down there with mimes and jugglers. I’ve tried my best to make it cool and worth watching.

What’s your favourite thing to do, or place to visit, while down under?
I love a cold stubby on a beach at a barbecue. I love camping and 4-wheel driving in the outback. I’ve been fortunate to spend some serious time in the Simpson Desert, The Alice, Gulf country, the Kimberly’s, Cape York and The Grampians.

Any memorable on-stage moments?
When Ted’s leg fell off in front of the entire audience and I had to put it back on in front of everyone!

Do you ever get nervous?
No. I think being nervous is a sign that you’re unprepared. That can happen to anyone if you don’t know your sh*t.

Biggest on-stage blunder?
Never had one – Yet!



“An event not to miss!”         “It reignites your inner child!

“He truly is a master”             “Unbelievable”

Spellbinding technology”       “Extraordinary performer”

“A truly remarkable performance that appears to defy reality”  

– Adelaide Advertiser


For tickets, head to ticketmaster.com.au


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