Control Pro – High Efficiency Airless Sprayers

Makes it easier to paint like a pro™

The typical high-pressure airless spray system is an application method still considered only for use by professional painters and decorators. In the past, the everyday home renovator may not have used these devices but this changes now! The new user-friendly High Efficiency Airless technology by WAGNER (HEA) ensures the spray gun is much more controllable, with overspray reduced by up to 55 per cent.

With HEA, even first-timers can produce beautifully painted surfaces like a professional. With an innovative new spray tip and a very efficient pump, the ground-breaking technology enables the user to spray with significantly reduced pressure and maximum control.



















Ideal handling
Due to the lower pressure, between 700 and 1500 psi, the paint exits the gun with less speed, meaning users gain more control over how they handle the gun. Other advantages include lower recoil of the gun when pulling the trigger and less force required on the trigger – perfect for beginners!




















How it works
Two components are at the core of this technology:

In front of the spray diffuser tip WAGNER have mounted a Pre-Tip to diffuse the paint in the same quantity and with the same speed as conventional airless devices. A softer spray jet, better opacity when layers are overlapping and less harsh edges are the result of this special technology.

The second component is the pump technology. Compared to conventional airless technology, pressure is significantly reduced but the amount of paint passing through the tip remains the same.


Suitable for numerous applications
Control Pro is the ideal tool for beginners, serious DIY’ers or semi-professionals. These sprayers are suitable for many different project sizes and applications, both interior and exterior. The CP350 Extra models include a longer hose, pressure gauge and extension pole.

Control Pro HEA Tips come in various sizes to suit many applications. The sprayers can be used with all types of coatings, including water and oil-based paints, varnishes and stains. Due to the lower pressure the tip is less strained and lasts longer.


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