Up close and personal with Biz Cover

This month we sat down with the legends from Biz Cover to learn more about who they are, what they do and why they’re an important part of business for Tradies across Australia.


Tradie: Why was BizCover founded?

BC: BizCover was born in early 2008, after the founders of a successful insurance brokerage firm, Michael Gottlieb and Gavin Donner, realised how challenging it was for small business owners, like tradies, to get insurance for their business.

At that time, there was only one option for them to get insurance and that was the same way all other companies got theirs – through an insurance broker. Often these businesses were either passed off by insurance brokers as low value in favour of larger high-value clients; or they simply weren’t serviced well, often not being given much choice.

To give SME’s an easier and fairer way to buy insurance the founders set up BizCover.  The first and only online business insurance service which allows small business owners to compare and buy insurance from leading insurers, online in a matter of minutes.

Tradie: What Services does BizCover extend and where nationally?

BC: BizCover offers the ability for time-poor and cost-conscious tradies to hop online, enter a few basic details about their business, and get instant (and multiple) quotes from top insurers.  You’ll get a side-by-side comparison of policies so you can ensure you get the most competitive and comprehensive insurance coverage available, in the shortest amount of time.

BizCover have partnered with many of Australia’s top insurers, such as Allianz, AIG, QBE, DUAL, Vero and more, to offer a wide range of different types of business insurance to protect all kinds of businesses, including Public Liability, Business Insurance (to protect your assets, such as your equipment and tools), Tax Audit, and Personal Accident insurance.

Being an online service, tradies throughout Australia can grab a quote 24 hours, 7 days a week. BizCover also have 50 customer service consultants available throughout the week to help if you have a few questions, or just want someone else to do the work.

Tradie: How does BizCover shine in comparison to its competitors?

BC: BizCover is the only true comparison site where tradies like you can get multiple quotes online, select your preferred policy and purchase instantly, giving you choice in addition to convenience and competitive pricing.

They have eliminated the lengthy and complicated proposal forms, and have reduced the waiting to just minutes, rather than weeks, for your policy documents to arrive.

BizCover realises that tradies are less concerned about having all of their insurance policies with the same insurer, and more concerned about having the insurance which offers real value to them, regardless of who it’s with. You can choose a Public Liability from one insurer and Tool cover from a different provider and purchase both in the one transaction, whilst having the same company managing it all for you, including your claims.


Tradie: Why should The Tradie readers choose BizCover for their insurance needs?

BC: BizCover has spent many years tirelessly negotiating great prices with the insurers to come up with the right insurance tailored to meet the specific needs of tradies, including the Consumer Protection extension for Queensland electricians and the strict Public Liability requirements for Victorian Plumbers.

But most importantly, getting insurance with BizCover is quick and easy. There are no hidden costs; you receive your policy documents via email instantly; and they’ll be there for you when it’s time to make a claim on your policy.

BizCover are all about giving tradies a fair go. To compare multiple quotes visit BizCover today or call 1300 866 744



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