Chucking A Line In… With Chris Denton

Chris is enjoying the best of both worlds – building and fishing!

This 62-year-old North Sydney licensed carpenter is also an award-winning ex-fishing charter and former tuna longline fisherman. Married for 36-years, Chris has two sons, one of whom is a natural and ‘out fishes’ everyone – even Chris!

Clearly fishing is what you love, so how does carpentry fit into the mix?

I simply didn’t know what I wanted to do for a living. My father suggested a trade and the rest is history.


And we hear you’re on the tools building your own beach holiday accommodation. Was your decision for a beachside property influenced by your love of throwing a line in?

I’m an ocean kind of guy, so the location was certainly based on fishing and surfing. The accommodation will be great – right near the beach where guests can bring their horses and dogs to enjoy six acres.


Loads of our Tradies are keen fishers in their spare time – what tips do you have for finding a good fishing spot?

You’ve got to work out why the fish are where they are. It’s really about trial and error – trying places and seeing how they go. There’s a mullet run in Diamond Beach in April and May where the fish are followed by predators like Jew fish and Snapper – so fishing here is great at this time. It’s all about knowing your ocean stuff.


What’s your favourite fishing spot?

Off the rocks between Foster and Seal Rocks. I love rock fishing. I haven’t done it for years but that was a big passion of mine, rock fishing at night. I really liked the solitude. It sounds crazy but here in my local area the rocks are cliffs down to the ocean, so you can sit up as high as you like above the water and be safe.


Rock fishing sounds pretty gnarly – have you ever had any close calls?

No, but I was jumped on by a kangaroo once. He came bouncing out from behind a tree and landed right on me. He was scared then he jumped on me and I was scared (laughs)!


What tips would you give our readers to perfect their fishing technique?

Keep records and learn from what works.


Can you name three items you wouldn’t go fishing without?

A good torch, a good rod and a good reel. I don’t know if they make them anymore, but my go-to brand was Ambassadeur.


What has your biggest catch been?

A swordfish. I don’t know how big it was but the scales only went to 200kg and it was headed and gutted and still over 200kg.


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