Why Choose the New Ninja Maxim Cut 5 Gloves?

Ninja’s new Cut 5 Resistant Maxim Gloves not only offer you peace of mind when handling sharp objects, but provide unmatched comfort for those long work days.

What sets Ninja apart from many other gloves on the market, is the unique combination of superior performance liners made from high tensile yarns coupled with a new proprietary foam coating that provides outstanding cut 5 resistance in either oily or dry conditions.

The engineered lightweight liners have also been designed for superior breathability and fit, making them feel like a second skin on the hands.

Ninja’s Maxim Cut Resistant Gloves (they also have a Cut 3 & a Cut 4 version) are also re-enforced between the thumb and forefinger to greatly extend the life of the glove.

For further information on the complete range of premium Ninja Gloves for all trade applications, visit www.bunzlsafety.com.au


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