A bucking good time

Stuart Frame a 34-year-old carpenter from Monto who, not so long ago, was also a professional bull rider, making the national final more than once.
We sat down for a chat with this ballsy bloke to find out more about the insane sport…

Name: Stuart Frame

Age: 34

Trade: Carpenter

Lives: Monto

How’d you get into bull riding?
I grew up with it, it was integrated into my family from way back when. My dad did it, most of my brothers did it. We had steers and bulls out in the back paddock when I was growing up in Chinchilla and it all went from there.

How do you actually ride a bull, in professional terms?
You’ve got to hold on as tight as you can (laughs)!  You’ve just got to get on the bull a heap. There are bucking machines you practice technique on, because you can’t get on the real thing all the time. You need to try and anticipate what they’re going to do and counteract their movements.

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Do you have a scariest moment?
Yeah,  you get them, it’s a part of the fun and adrenalin of it, I guess. Bulls are usually only temperamental like that when they’re in the arena. You usually feed most of the bulls each morning out of a bucket and they’re all pretty tame until they have a job to do. Some are silly all the time but the ones that get handled and taken to rodeos are good to handle. I have seen a fella get his whole face smashed in a head-butt and a bull stood on my head and broke my teeth off once in a practice session.

How do you feel when you escape a close call?
Just thankful to get away but still ready to get on another bull at the same time. In one practice I got knocked out and ran over six times. The other guys just slowly saved me, but it didn’t phase me.

How do you stay fit to participate in this sport?
I do weights a bit and I also work as a chippy and that kept me going, lifting stuff and being on my feet. Getting on the bull is the main thing, though. If you don’t get on for a couple of month then go to get back on, you’ll feel a lot sorer than usual!


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