Chris sent us this shot of him on the job! Hang in there, mate!
















Name: Christopher Csortos
Job: Plumber
Favourite part of the job: Helping people with my job – putting roofs, water, drainage and gas in their homes.
I couldn’t survive on site without: A good attitude
Funniest work moment: Seeing the expression on the newbies face when coming into contact with poo for the first time!





















Name: Nicky Davis
Job:  Bricklayer
Favourite part of the job:  The money
One thing you couldn’t live without on site: My sandwiches
Funniest work moment: I once caught a couple of people I shouldn’t have doing something they shouldn’t have been at the toilets!






















Name: Sonny Munday
Job: Electrician
Favourite part of the job: Smoko
One thing you couldn’t survive without on site: The radio
Funniest work moment: Watching an excavator dig up a sewerage line and flood the street with sewerage.


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