Working on site is all about the music if you ask our Tradies around Australia, so we wanted to give you a chance to win an awesome Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, valued at $129.95

We had a truck load of entries and Ben Colosimo took out the prize for submitting the best picture of him on the job!

We’re softies, though, all our other Tradies scored a Tradie Mag prize pack for taking part. Enjoy, legends!

















Name: Jordan
Favourite part of the job: Wiring
Can’t live on site without: Music
Funniest work moment: Watching one of the boys cut a live cable


Ben Colosimo
















Name: Ben Colosimo
Job: Chief Electrician on a heli portable drilling rig
Favourite part of the job? You mean apart from the day I fly home?  An even time (4 weeks on 4 weeks off) roster is pretty awesome and the camaraderie that is formed with your workmates.
I couldn’t survive on site without: Sarcasm. Definitely sarcasm.
Funniest work moment: One of the toilets blocked at work which I had to fix. I ended up digging around, covered in shit, and found two chunks of steak the size of a fist and a corn cob! So I stormed into the safety meeting with crap up to my elbows and proceeded to abuse everyone. It wasn’t funny then but it is now!


Rhys Casson


















Name: Rhys Casson
Job: Tiler & stone mason
Favourite part of the job: Variety of work sites. I’m never stuck in the same place for long. I could never work in an office!
Can’t live on site without: My radio.
Funniest work moment: A bloke threw a ciggy butt in the skip bin which was next to the house. We came outside for smoko to see the bin was engulfed in a raging fire! It took 30 minutes for us to put the fire out with a garden hose and it was absolutely terrifying but now that I look back, it was kind of funny!
Name: John Coxton
Favourite part of the job: Getting on site and setting out the day’s plan then following through and admiring what you have achieved during the day.
Can’t live on site without: Music is one of the many keys to a happy day’s work!
Funniest work moment: Once I noticed something drop from inside one of the boys’ stubbies and we both turned to look and pick it up and to my surprise it was a pink frilly G –String! He claimed he didn’t check the inside of his pants before rushing out of the house – he also claimed they were his girlfriends!


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