Quit Paying For Add-Ons, Ascora Has You Covered

Are you still paying extra for Add-Ons on your Job Management System?

With the advancement of technology, some job management systems today have advanced beyond just handling your basic quote to invoice process for your trade business.  While most systems that have additional functions will charge an extra fee for EACH feature, Ascora has included the below five important features for FREE!

Electronic Forms

Have a document, checklist, JSA or other documentation you need to be able to complete as part of your job process?  Ascora lets you create any kind of electronic form.  Complete the form within a Job with a copy automatically attached as a permanent record.

GPS Tracking

Time is money and we try to schedule as many jobs as we possibly can into our day. However, jobs can take much longer than expected and could easily play havoc with your schedule. Know where your staff are using Ascora’s inbuilt GPS tracking and activity feed to make job management and scheduling flexible and efficient.

Customer and Enquiry Portal

Integrate your enquiry page with Ascora, so that any Customer enquiries from your website are entered directly into Ascora!  Addresses are autocompleted from Google Maps and photos or documents can be uploaded.  Once in Ascora a single click can convert this enquiry into a Customer and Quote or Job.   All you need to do now is take action NOT data entry!

Accounts Integration

Ascora directly integrates to Xero, MYOB (Essentials & Live) and QuickBooks.  Once an Invoice is generated in Ascora, it’s automatically created in your accounting system along with the Customer and any related payments.

Credit Card Processing

No need to carry around an extra terminal to process payments.  An Invoice can be generated within Ascora by a single tap from the Job and the credit card payment can be processed immediately while on site within Ascora.  Customers also have the option of paying online via the Ascora website.


If you think you are paying too much for add-ons, it’s time to give Ascora a try!

For more information on Ascora visit www.ascora.com.au or phone (08) 6311 5555.


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