Listen to the Alltel Small Business Survival Series. Final Episode: Business Flair

Time to wrap up Season 1 of the Alltel Australia Small Business Series! We’re talking flair.

As a business communications specialist that has experienced growth and witnessed failure, Alltel’s General Manager, Trent Brinsley explains how you can set achievable goals. In this series finale, you will learn the importance of surrounding yourself and your business with the right people, and you’ll get a sneak peek at what’s coming for Season 2!



Start-ups are often run from a shed, home office, or, in the case of Alltel, a lounge room. In the beginning “you don’t need the burden of paying rent,” says Trent. However, it is important to give your customers the impression you are more established and bigger than you are.


Having a 1300 or 1800 number is a good way to do this. The Alltel GM advises “doing things from your mobile phone is not good, you need to protect your privacy while also planning for the future.” Setting up communications systems is an easy and economical way to prepare for expansion.

Growth is reliant upon goal setting. Trent suggests short to medium term goals are more realistic and achievable than long-term goals.


And, once again, it all comes back to the customer. Focus on service levels rather than dollars. A lesson Trent learnt from his father. To conclude series one, the GM acknowledges it’s not always easy to surround yourself with the right people. In the past decade, he’s had many people come and go. He shares some of those lessons in this final podcast but will continue that conversation in the next season.


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