Home Timber and Hardware and the magnificent sponsors of the show are searching for the ‘Home Timber & Hardware Tradie of The Year’ are giving you the chance to win 25 grand!

Are you a tradie or know a tradie who loves their trade? Maybe you sleep on a bed of nails, or can tell a timber type just by simply smelling it, or shave with sandpaper, or maybe you’re just passionate about your job! Show us why you love your trade and you could win a wheelbarrow’s worth of hard cash – $25,000!

Entering is easy. Just visit tradieoftheyear.com.au and go where the tradies go, Home Timber & Hardware!


The Tradie team spoke to Kym from Home Timber & Hardware to find out more about this epic competition!

Tell us what you’re expecting from entrants..

We are hoping for entries like multiple unfinished jobs Tradies are tackling on their own house, out of this world projects like a completely unnecessarily elaborate dog kennel or cubbyhouse, ingenious ideas using building materials, or for someone that spends all their spare time volunteering their skills back to others or the community. Basically anything that genuinely demonstrates their passion for their trade! It can be photos or a story.


What inspired such a great competition?

Big passion deserves a big reward and that’s why we are putting up 25 grand! …And it’s not in gift cards, either! We will shortlist the 10 most popular entries via a voting system, then HTH will choose the most deserving winner. We are looking for Tradies that don’t ‘tools down’ at 4pm, but go home and still live and breathe their trade – we want to see their passion!

Competition runs from Monday 4 July to Sunday 28 August and is open to all tradespeople in Australia. The entrants do not have to have a Trade Account with Home Timber and Hardware to be eligible for entry. 


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