Flexio 570 & 590 Handheld Sprayers: A Faster Way To A Better Finish

Powerful, efficient and versatile, the new generation of FLEXiO sprayers feature a redesigned front nozzle, providing even better performance with less parts for easier cleanup!
The new, hand-held FLEXiO 570 & 590 spray units from WAGNER are suitable for almost any project, from interior walls and ceilings, doors, window frames and indoor furniture, to wooden fences, garden furniture, sheds and more. Projects can be primed, lacquered, varnished, oiled, sealed, preserved or simply given a new colour, all with a FLEXiO.

The powerful X-BOOST™ turbine means that conventional coatings can be applied without being diluted. This technology has been developed by and is unique to WAGNER. With adjustable air pressure, the power of the turbine can be varied to suit any coating perfectly for precise control. Warm air surrounds the spray jet for quicker drying time and a fast working speed.









           Flexio 570                                                                                                                               Flexio 590

The volume of paint can also be adjusted to suit the material being sprayed and the project type. With a working speed of 3m2/min you will be able to spray a standard room in around 12 minutes – making these the fastest sprayers in their class!
WAGNER’s unique new i-SPRAY nozzle allows interior acrylic paints to be atomised without diluting to achieve even paint coverage and a perfect finish. You can also spray thick exterior acrylics onto coarser surfaces.

In addition to the i-SPRAY attachment, these sprayers also come with a PerfectSpray attachment for spraying lacquer, varnish, stain and other thinner materials. Achieve a perfect, smooth finish every time!


Spray attachments can also be changed quickly and simply with WAGNER’s practical Click & Paint® system. Cleaning is easier than ever – with fewer parts, so that you can keep your focus on the fun part.


Technical data

Power 660 W
Atomisation 200 W (max)
Max. flow rate 500 ml/min
Viscosity 4000 mPaS
Container capacity i-SPRAY 1300 ml

PerfectSpray 800 ml









The WAGNER FLEXiO 570 & 590 sprayers are available from Bunnings and selected Paint Specialty stores. For more information, visit www.wagneraustralia.com.au.




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